Water Coolers & Dispensers

Today somewhere around 75% of the American Population suffer from chronic dehydration, and they don’t even know it. What does notice this dehydration is your metabolism, skin, joints and digestive system. That’s why having a water cooler or dispenser is so beneficial to have close by at all times, whether at home or the office. Other benefits, besides staying hydrated and increasing your body’s metabolism, are saving your finances and the environment from bottled water costs.

When shopping for a water cooler or a dispenser it is first beneficial to understand three different distinctions: cooler vs. dispenser, bottled vs. point-of-use, and freestanding vs. counter top.

Water Cooler VS. Water Dispenser

First, there’s the option of a cooler or a dispenser.  Both dispense water for use, but a cooler uses thermoelectricity to cool the water where a dispenser simply allows the water to be used from a 2, 4 or 5 gallon water bottle sitting atop the unit.

Bottled  VS. Point of Use

Continuing from your selection of a cooler or dispenser, is the option for a bottled or point-of-use unit. A point-of-use unit is fitted with a float assembly on the top where a bottle would normally sit. A hose, directed from your water source, either tap or purified, is connected to the back of the float assembly and attached to the posterior side of the cooler keeping tubing out of sight. When water is drawn, the float assembly allows water to flow back into the cooler until full, thereby providing a continuous source of water without bottle storage. Bottled water units are typically dispensers and they dispense water from 3-5 gallon bottles.

Oasis Hot and Cold water dispenser

Table/Countertop Water Dispenser






Freestanding VS. Countertop Units

Energy Star Industrial Hot & Cold Bottom Loading Water Dispenser & Coffee Maker - Black

Lastly, there are freestanding versus countertop units. Freestanding units are best suited for large offices, fitness centers, department stores, and salons. Ranging in height anywhere from 35’’ to  55’’ and in addition to the dispenser can include coffee makers or refrigerators.

Countertop coolers and dispensers are compact units more popularly purchased for the home or small offices. These are designed to easily fit atop tables, counters and bars without using much space. The more contemporary design of the Oasis Onyx Countertop Cooler or Primo Countertop Dispensers make these more desirable for display in small living spaces.

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