3 Things to Keep in Mind When Starting an Indoor Garden

You have decided to start a fall gardening project in your home, and you know what you want to grow. What do you do now? The hardest part to setting up your indoor garden is to figure out what it requires to succeed.

Before you rush out and buy a bunch of gardening equipment for your indoor garden, it’s always wise to proactively troubleshoot a few of the most common problems, in order to ensure the overall long-term success of your garden. From proper lighting and ventilation, to assessing whether you have enough space, let’s take a look at what can do to give your plants what they need to bloom and grow. Follow our beginners guide to setting up a basic indoor garden on a budget.

Size of Your Gardening Space

First, assess the size of your space. Large rooms need a lot of lights with a powerful system for ventilation. Small rooms need fewer lights with less energy devoted to ventilation. Measure the dimensions of your room to give you a better idea of what you will need. A room that measures 18 feet wide, 12 feet long would be considered spacious.

Next, you must think about your budget and how much experience you have growing plants. If you are fairly new to urban or indoor gardening, you may not want to fill the entire room with plants until you have a little more experience. Instead of jumping straight into buying a bunch of gardening equipment, start off with a smaller project and measure your overall success. Once you feel more comfortable, proceed on with more plants. The last thing anybody wants is to spend a bunch of time and money on an indoor garden, only to see your plants die before you can harvest.

Now that you have the size of your gardening space established, section-off part of the room so that you have a space that is at least 8 feet wide and 12 feet long. This is a manageable working space for a novice. Granted, sectioning the room is an additional effort and expense. However, creating a smaller space within the room gives you more complete control of the environment in your garden. Line the sectioned area with reflective sheeting so that you get the most out of your lighting. If you do not feel confident installing a temporary partition on your own, buy an indoor grow tent to drape from the ceiling.
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