Austin Smarter Spaces Tour: 3112 Lafayette

After seeing all of the homes on the tour, I think we came to an unanimous decision that this next one was our absolute favorite. The color scheme, the decor, the landscaping, everything about this home was beautiful. As one of my coworkers put it to the homeowner, “I want to make out with your house.”

So, please enjoy our photos of 3112 Lafayette.

3112 Lafayette
4112 Lafayette

This home made us feel like we were no longer in Austin. I’m not quite sure what it was, but something about the home felt very eastern U.S. to us. We loved the gray color scheme. It was carried throughout the house and gave it a very tranquil feeling.

There were many small features of the home that we loved as well, like the bathroom tile, the doorknobs and the wall decorations. The backyard was another great part of this home. It had multiple seating areas where you could host a large group, lounge or enjoy a dinner outdoors.

You’ll also notice our mini kegerator on the kitchen counter top. Alright, enough of my yammering. Check out the pictures of this beautiful home!


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