Clothing Organization Tips for Urban Living

laundryWhen space is at a premium, efficient organization is the key to an uncluttered home. One common problem area is clothing, which has a tendency to overrun a living space if it isn’t kept in check. Here are some useful tips for keeping your clothing organized in a small urban apartment.


Store out-of-season garments, hats and footwear in decorative boxes or tubs on a high closet shelf or stacked in a corner. You don’t need access to wool sweaters in July or swimsuits in February, so don’t let non-seasonal items clutter up the space you use every day. Transferring unneeded clothing into storage containers between seasons also helps you sort out the garments you no longer wear and can donate or discard.

For those items you need each and every day, tubs and baskets also help organize your daily essentials. Consider using a handy decorative basket for socks and freeing up your sock drawer for something that actually benefits from being folded neatly and stored flat. Other likely candidates for front-of-the-closet baskets include undergarments, shoes and in-season items such as swimwear in the summer or gloves and hats in the winter. Install hooks in easy to reach places to hold belts, bags and summer hats.


Of course, it’s not just the clothes taking up space. Organizing all of the equipment that comes with a wardrobe brings its own set of challenges. Choose a small ironing board rather than a full-size model. If you don’t do a lot of ironing, consider using an ironing pad instead of a board. These work on any flat, stable surface and roll up for easy storage. If you prefer to do your laundry at home rather than at a laundromat, a combo washer dryer does all the work and takes up half the space of a standard washer and dryer set. These are available in sizes ranging from compact to extra-large. Combo washer dryers offer all-in-one convenience, washing and drying your clothing in one machine.

Compact equipment, space-efficient appliances and smart storage choices help free up space in small urban homes. Make the most of the space you have by storing non-seasonal clothing items and choosing smaller appliances for regular use. When living space is at a premium, less really is more.

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